About Us

Suono is an acoustic consultancy practice, with the purpose

"to convey the art and science of sound"

The company was founded in 2021 by Tim Street and Vernon Cole, both fellow former-Directors of Cole Jarman. Three-months later, Richard, a former Associate of Cole Jarman, joined Suono as a Director.

Darren joined Suono in Summer 2023 as Managing Director of our Italian company Suono Acustica S.r.l.

Our purpose

Our purpose is to convey the art and science of sound. To achieve this we will

  • prepare transparent and accessible advice to our Clients,
  • promote the knowledge of the science of acoustics,
  • look to progress the art of acoustics in all spheres of life.

We want to be better, to achieve something new.

Our values

  • Friendships with our Clients;
  • Inclusivity, equality, and quality of life for our staff;
  • Innovation, research and development, and the provision of technically robust advice.

Our philosophy

Acoustics is intrinsic to all aspects of life and the built environment. Sound and vibration is fundamental to the human experience but also impacts upon technology and wildlife.

Acoustic design is a science. Acoustics is scientifically quantifiable and, as an engineering discipline, sound and vibration may be manipulated to achieve measurable design targets.

Acoustic design is also an art; it has a subjective quality. Collaboration is therefore core to our design philosophy; working closely with the design team and end users is essential to determine the most cost effective and materially efficient solutions; working closely with other acoustic professionals brings a breadth of understanding that can only benefit our Clients.


Tim Street

Vernon Cole

Darren Bexon

Ben Holcombe

Richard Masey

Ben Harper

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